What you should carry to British from China, buy diploma

What you should carry to British from China, buy diploma. It is a little hard to see, let me live in London, the monthly cost of one thousand yuan to the poor forced to anger.
Said in front, strongly recommended before boarding the plane to the TESCO and in the next single, each big city full of 30 pounds for delivery next day arrived, with anything, to direct and express it, as you go out from the new registration and discount.
Note: if you just come to the UK but with only 50 pounds in cash, don't hesitate to find a supermarket into just buy a five line, thick skinned and can also directly request money.
Ordinary clothes and shoes with a three day of the amount of the line, all the clothes do not have to wear a dress, come to buy on the line, cheaper than domestic.
But the pajamas to bring, it is strongly recommended that a single cotton at least one set.
The day with a pair of plastic slippers can bathe enough, girls can be considered with two or three pairs of sports shoes, sold here I always think not good-looking...... Female socks.
Accessories may take, especially girls hair.
Buy diploma, buy college diploma,buy university diploma,buy high school diploma.Our company focus on fake high school diploma, fake college diploma university diploma, fake associate degree, fake bachelor degree, fake doctorate degree and so on. Scarce resources can be considered more girls underwear, this is not good.
Food: Ordinary things enough to eat for two or three days on the line, what are sold, slightly higher than the domestic. The old altar pickled beef noodles two Beijing five London three block two, other things are such a proportion as you cross over the sea back to?
However, remember to bring a good meal box for with insulation bag...... Money every day to eat outside food when I did not say.
Other kitchen supplies in the area is only applied with a spoon chopsticks electric cooker, electric cooker remember to buy in the top of the steamer! If you like me to buy a built-in steamer, every time to eat when the dripping Steamed Buns dumplings will be very want to die.
Of course, if the diet is not strong enough to read the words of the rice cooker can save it, I do not bring a lot of boys and girls, fried chicken every day.
Pots and pans cutlery Tesco or IKEA, 5 pounds of pot dishes a set of cutlery 1 pounds 5 pounds, eighteen pounds a box of POUNDLAND, what good back (pull boogers)
Daily necessities:
If you have the time to go to the supermarket if what all don't take, really (seriously), boys can be considered with a dual-purpose clipper.
Shampoo Conditioner bath toothbrush toothpaste to buy them, the price of domestic supermarket with the same towel; pillow quilt with TESCO IKEA EXTRA welcome you.
Schools with all kinds of laundry will sell about 30 pounds of freshman living bag, do not buy, God pit. The same thing TESCO buy a silk floss as long as ten pounds, you go to buy IKEA memory sponge only twenty head set. Of course, I live a relatively rough Han, you can buy a four quilts tied at the back seat from Corydon back to brixton. Do not want to start their own words can be called two days in advance Tesco delivery, London zone5 enough to buy enough to send free of charge on the 30 pounds. What you should carry to British from China, buy diploma.


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