Where is the university money come from? Buy diploma

Where is the university money come from? Buy diploma. Around Oxford, Yale, Harvard these top schools of history, we can be traced back to hundreds of years ago, long they are far better than most noble family. Why can they stand in the long history? One important reason is that they have a lot of money to back up. How can such a huge demand for funds to meet? Let me tell you about one of the main sources of wealth.Buy diploma, buy college diploma,buy university diploma,buy high school diploma.Our company focus on fake high school diploma, fake college diploma university diploma, fake associate degree, fake bachelor degree, fake doctorate degree and so on.
How much are these university foundations? From the point of view of investment performance, the foundation for European and American universities result is very impressive: by the end of 2014, the Yale University endowment fund annual revenue rate of 20.2%, equivalent to the net profit of $4 billion. At the same time, the fund the highest annual rate of return of up to 41%; the famous Harvard University fund return rate is rising, as of 2015, its asset size has reached $37 billion 600 million, the average annual returns as high as 12.5%.
If the University as a family, a lot of university foundation is the only investment management company. From 2011 to 2012, the Yale University fund spending $992 million to the Yale University, accounting for about 37% of the annual budget, and in 2009, this proportion had reached $45%.Where is the university money come from? Buy diploma.


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