The free time in New Zealand, buy university diploma

The free time in New Zealand, buy university diploma. Read 20 hours a week when the legal working hours. Once she was shopping in the mall, went to a South Korean socks shop asked the boss to recruit people, the boss was surprised to say: "we do not advertise, how do you know we need to recruit?" Huang Taihuan just want the boss to in-depth conversation, several customers into the store to buy goods, so Huang Taihuan to take the initiative to help guests, and the other to buy some goods, the boss hired her. This work let Huang Taihuan oral and communication skills have been greatly improved, but also got some sales skills, but basically the weekly rent and living expenses can take care of themselves. Of course work will encounter some of the boss, Huang Taihuan once in a newspaper to find a restaurant job, want to use at the time to add some more income. Interview that day is the Mid Autumn Festival, there are a lot of Chinese dining, together with the trial of a few students. Huang said: "we have been busy in the afternoon to the evening, four or five hours did not stop. More than nine points the last guests Hello boss we finished the staff meal, let us go, said the phone will be notified after Yao from. I contact the students with the trial, they have not received a phone call. We analysis it is not difficult to guess, because the boss holidays if busy, with recruitment way to attract inexperienced students work. So I suggest that foreign students want to find a job as far as possible to some large companies, and to comply with the provisions of the immigration department." Medicine: medical insurance to buy students from all countries (except Australia and Britain) are in need of medical insurance, to pay for medical expenses, including doctors, hospital, ambulance and expert treatment. Students in Colleges and universities can see a doctor at the student health center on campus, and the fees are very reasonable.  Buy diploma, buy college diploma,buy university diploma,buy high school diploma.Our company focus on fake high school diploma, fake college diploma university diploma, fake associate degree, fake bachelor degree, fake doctorate degree and so on.Studying in New Zealand Chinese students, there are a lot of people are afraid to go to the hospital, the main reason is that their language level is limited, and the doctors worry about not good communication, a student can help the local Chinese service sector, the hands of these Chinese service sector will have a lot of Chinese list of doctors, students through this list to see the doctor Chinese, to avoid language barriers. On one occasion, Huang Taihuan went to see a doctor because of knee pain, found to be meniscus tear, the need for surgery, a total of more than 6 thousand New Zealand dollars, all the costs paid by the insurance company. It is very important for foreign students to buy Medical insurance. Huang Taihuan said: "there was a small episode, because the operation was performed under general anesthesia, after waking up, I told the nurse some dizzy, there may be anemia, who knows the nurse gave me a cup of ice blue. I am very reluctantly told her to drink hot water, she said the hospital is not ready to drink hot water, ice and snow country is good. I really want to cry, ah, this is the difference between China and the west." Students have only been in New Zealand for more than two years to stay with the local residents to enjoy the same medical treatment, so before you want to buy their own health insurance, about 100 yuan per year to pay New Zealand dollars. Otherwise, students need to bear the medical expenses, foreign students in case of accidents, the New Zealand Insurance Company will pay part of the medical expenses. In some cases, however, foreign students may not receive any financial assistance and will have to pay for their own medical expenses. Therefore, it is best for foreign students to purchase medical insurance, in the event of an accident, the insurance company claims, purchase insurance application form can be obtained from the education center, many schools will provide advice in this regard. The free time in New Zealand, buy university diploma.


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