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Aware of this kind of question asked about the cost of living in France is also a pile, and I do not know if there is no good people are redirected. Well, today, just to answer a question to France to prepare luggage, by the way the cost of living together with the answer. First of all, the problem of living expenses, in fact, can not answer, because everyone's standard of living is not the same, everyone cares about the point is not the same. Take the cost of living is big, the housing for example, I of the housing requirements is relatively high, at least in Paris must live in the metro network, dangerous area is basically not considered, preferably from the school or work place, but some students are willing to save a little bit in the housing, live relatively far away then, to save money in other places. So a lot of people ask me, in Paris a month to how much the cost of living ah, this problem is not behind the money, the real problem is, how much can you afford to eat? Then, I talk about the most extreme cases, consider whether you can do it, only basic necessities of life: Live: in fact, Paris housing can be reduced to 0 the lowest cost, how to get, is to find those old old landlord tenant, basically is to serve as a good role to accompany the elderly. Is free to live. But this life is very hard, your schedule will fully follow the landlord old schedule, eating and living all want you to take care of, there are a variety of children for the landlord. The other is to apply for crous house, the house is very difficult to apply for the Paris crous, if the application, the rent can be controlled within 200 euro per month (very limited). Budget: 200 euro par mois to eat: how much is the lowest meal in Paris. To me, one day a day in Europe, eating a long stick, or cook a bowl of spaghetti with old godmother. I really met such a person, or a girl, but in fact this girl was not difficult, just to save money down to meet other desires. Budget: par mois in 30 euro: This is relatively easy to solve, the worst is not to buy new clothes. The girl said, the key is to know bestie nouveau riche ah, a nouveau riche move, female cock lined up behind the brand of "pick up not to tear the old clothes. Budget: 5 European par mois line: this one, is to fight the character. Fare evasion is an option, but now Paris got more and more strict, once caught a fine you lose everything. The cheapest method is to feel the tactics on the rent a year card (imagine R). The words of the provinces public transport fare evasion a little more convenient, but don't think that tickets of night work, often they love at eleven twelve in the evening when the point guard in the assault, and other fine very expensive. I don't think you are a particularly good way to rub the car or nouveau riche,? Budget: 15 European par mois other categories: network, you can rub neighbors, every month to give a meaning of the meaning of the European five, said he was a poor student. Mobile phone, free 2 Euro package each month, unlimited texting, two hours of calls (and believe me, just two hours of calls is enough.) There are some things that do not spend much money. Budget:15 Europe par mois to calculate the total number of 265 euros per month, equivalent to RMB 1872 (today's exchange rate). But the situation has been compressed to a very, very limited, and there is no risk resisting ability under this budget. What is the ability to resist risks, I would like to explain. Remember that year, I went out and forgot to take the key, opened a door to spend 600 euros, was scolded to death by his wife, was his stupid cry. Later, after listening to the story of another student, who opened the door in 2100, I was a little bit more balanced Of course, even if I say this is the ultimate situation, there is still room for compression. You know, a lot of Chinese smuggled into Paris next year are penniless in extremely difficult conditions started (students who are interested can look at a "shop" this concept, I think) students, how to say, life should be a little better than them. On the other hand, if the standard of living is not to go up, which is the same reason. P.S if you forget to bring the key to Paris, please remember to find the Chinese master Chen (please put his business card in the wallet, or back his number), the door unlock as long as 50 euros. Really, when you're wearing pajamas downstairs to the trash what didn't bring then the wind blows, the door slam is 400 euro (Paris did not unlock the starting price of 400 euro, the lesson of blood, don't let me on the map for the invoice), leaving you a man wearing pajamas messy in the wind, you I feel a world full of malice. This is the most dry dry cargo.


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