What is the life in ICL, buy diploma, buy university degree

What is the life in ICL, buy diploma, buy university degree. There is no denying the fact that the professors and lecturers in our department are very poor. ACM's President is a professor in our department, and often has a professor who takes out his own book as a textbook, even in the course of our artificial intelligence. In addition to the qualifications of the old professor, we also have a lot of young Researcher to lecture, a little look at these young people who are also learning tyrants class. But I believe this is true in all world-class universities. But good qualifications do not represent a good quality of teaching, personal feeling is particularly interesting and not easy to understand, most of the courses will not be particularly interesting. Generally speaking, however, to the lecture notes (Notes) are particularly good, as well as the examination before the examination to understand. The overall Lecture level is general, but there are also particularly good examples such as Tony Field and Ian Hodkinson. Personally, these phenomena are common in other systems. Our department of Alastair Donoldson last year also won the school's best Lecturer award, the name of the specific award forgotten. The course arrangement can be said that the curriculum arrangement of imperial computer science is very, very good. There is a lot of practice under the condition of ensuring the theoretical foundation. Basically there is no time on the hand is not project, Project and the high degree of difficulty is particularly close to the curriculum. For example, sophomore, three Projects, write a language compiler, to write an operating system kernel, as well as the optional network program. The number of words every year about 130-160, not particularly much, like I do not how Social people, basically the whole year are aware of. At the same time, in addition to Lecture, everyone was divided into a 8-10 group every week there are three small Tutorial, respectively Maths and Discrete programming, math homework, speaking in this Tutorial, and give everyone Feedback.Buy diploma, buy college diploma,buy university diploma,buy high school diploma.Our company focus on fake high school diploma, fake college diploma university diploma, fake associate degree, fake bachelor degree, fake doctorate degree and so on..  Basically be programmed Tutorial practice two semesters after the code quality will improve a lot. Freshman course is fixed no choice, in addition to the 8 sophomore courses can be fixed from the outside of the 3 pick of the 2 optional. Freshman and sophomore examination in the third semester of the beginning of the three week test time, and then the end of the year Project. The second is no small Tutorial, is a big lesson every week, but every department is a large Tutorial, students are all reading this, sitting in a classroom and do topic can be a problem on the spot and asked the teacher. Third it has two kinds, one is Chinese MEng or third has graduated from BEng, the difference is third semesters, read the MEng rules to go to the internship for 6 months, and only three years of people do Final Project ready to graduate. This 6 month internship is my personal thought the best thing, because in your study for 4 years at the same time, you have half a year of work experience, you can also get a Master, much better than the normal Sandwich Course. Before we talk about our jobs, I'd like to talk about what I personally think is the best place in the empire. Our courses are closely related to the students. Basically, as long as the students are not satisfied with the arrangements, can be quickly resolved, this is my future work, to be responsible for the students on behalf of the students to negotiate with the teachers to modify unreasonable arrangements. Let me give you some examples, 1 of our students reflect the examination arrangements too closely, after discussing the exam schedule 2 to disperse Project too difficult, directly cut the amount of 1/4 3 with the teacher reaction too much homework, too difficult without demur to extend the Deadline4. student and teacher reaction course content, the teacher directly change the content so that the learning atmosphere is especially good, interaction between students and teachers is particularly strong, feel they are very hard to make students happy to learn. The following is the employment problem, the Department is particularly close with the industry, the most popular of the two directions, one is the bank / bank is to write a program, a software company to write a program, and the highest employment rate high and wages are British graduates (one plus not indifferent, this of course) as for the UK, with the United States Silicon Valley certainly no way to compare wages. Every week there will be two companies to our department lectures, tell them what the company is doing, as well as recruitment information, not to go. University also opened a lot of Career Fair, a semester two times at least. Most of our department is investment banking and software companies, the whole school is much more industry and consulting firm. Living in the words, is a word, very expensive. In the first year, live in the dormitory, the other to find their own house, a little closer from the school house, two bedroom 500 pounds a week is not standard, utilities. But the living environment is very good, because the school is located in London rich areas, basically no exclusion. Supermarket restaurants are close to where they live. If you eat, there is no particularly good restaurant in the school, the outside of the restaurant are relatively far away, but the recent introduction of the pancake fruit and meat package, compared with the favor of Chinese students. The school itself has three bars, a cheaper than the outside, the environment in general, is a good place for students to meet. Empire has a very big Student Union, basically you want to get. What is the life in ICL, buy diploma, buy university degree.


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