The college life in HKU, where to buy collge diploma online

I am Hong Kong undergraduate at the University in exchange for over a year, at an American College of Arts and Sciences (liberal arts college) are exchanged.
First say yes.
1. Hong Kong hardware facilities are better than Peking university. Library, computer room, dormitory. I don't have a lab, I don't have a say in that.
2. International exchange opportunities. Each year there are two hundred or three hundred undergraduate exchange places, the same number of foreigners to exchange. Visiting scholars feel more than beida.
3. The course is very tight, very push, English teaching is very good exercise our past students in the mainland. There is no universal "no class on the" big four.
4. Teaching, for example, there are a lot of business students do real case opportunity to do presentation, training out of the work is still very helpful to find. Engineering seems to be a lot of experiments. Science does not know much research opportunities.Buy diploma, buy college diploma,buy university diploma,buy high school diploma.Our company focus on fake high school diploma, fake college diploma university diploma, fake associate degree, fake bachelor degree, fake doctorate degree and so on.
And then it's bad. Not necessarily with Beijing University Tsinghua University, just to give some blind worship of Hong Kong people look at the other side of things.
1. Not so international. First of all, I have not met a foreign teacher or a foreign student in the Department of mathematics and computer science. Then foreign students with the Hongkong people and the mainland will not intersect each other. We have read exam Library in our life, the people of Hongkong have their class live hall community life, foreigners had not their class clubbing travel life. The school has never thought of some measures to the three groups of students together. I think they're just satisfied with the number of international students.
2. Teaching is far from perfect. My two years in Hong Kong's only small class teaching is the door of the two required courses in English, all the professional courses are nearly a hundred teachers do not recognize the face of our big class. In turn, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, my semester courses are four class teaching. Beijing University elective courses more than and 100 elective courses (more than and 100?) Elective courses, history and philosophy is very atmospheric, while Hong Kong only through the course and are dozens of doors, "Hongkong's industrial heritage" by the Hongkong culture of the Japanese culture
The impact of such a class.
3. Hong Kong university students to study abroad than the results of the previous Tsinghua University is not good, I feel that the United States colleges and universities are more recognized in Beijing University of undergraduate education.


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