What is the chinese main land students study in HKU

What is the chinese main land students study in HKU. Engineering student at University of Hong Kong, Year2. After a year's baptism, I really appreciate this place. Regret, the country can go to a university in southwest Shanghai, the final (a little) to Hong Kong's famous to the (pit U we do not deny ~). Pit U problem seems to have been Tucao a lot, really some of some nonsense. I was president of student in high school, monitor, and popularity is very good, in short, mixed very open. Come to Hong Kong after the beginning of the mix is not as happy as before, people here become a lonely independent individuals, it is easy to be forgotten. Now after a year, I think everything is worth it. Hong Kong taught me how to live in a strange environment and taught me how to deal with solitude and group. Hong Kong told me what to fight for themselves, you do not pay attention to you, not to fight, no one will bird you, no chance to see you.Buy diploma, buy college diploma,buy university diploma,buy high school diploma.Our company focus on fake high school diploma, fake college diploma university diploma, fake associate degree, fake bachelor degree, fake doctorate degree and so on. I think I have matured a lot in a year, although the results of the first year is not particularly good (after the second great effort). Perhaps the Graduate School of the Hongkong will not provide good alumni resources, but I want to say, go, they are the most important, can make other friends, everything can be knocked over again, only you forever. Do not always rely on others, in addition to their own, you have nothing. There is no doubt that Hong Kong has played a positive role in shaping my character. It is true that Hong Kong is bigger than career-oriented, but not everyone wants to engage in scientific research. Looking for a job, not utilitarian, no matter, where the spirit of the pursuit of. Either way, with his own hands, he became the most correct choice. Those who say the Hong Kong school cooling is not good, I just can give you work or study great God, Hong Kong a year only 300 mainland students, Princeton, MIT, Harvard, Stanford, is not uncommon, but more than one. Don't just look at the numbers. The real strong, will only absorb the positive energy of the environment, strong.What is the chinese main land students study in HKU. 


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