What is the asvice for student who wants to come HKU

As a graduate student, no Hall, Part-time dating, a variety of experience, don't know regret or good life. When 1 arrived Hong Kong, with mom and dad to play, my mother has been looking for the University of Hong Kong to take a picture of the brand names, attempted. Because the way I go to school is to get a lift from the subway to school. The 2 school is a three-dimensional structure of the 3D, orientation when I die wearing a pair of heels, climb the stairs up and down the elevator and let me successfully grind blisters N huff heels into the box, decided this year if no accident never wear. So many 3 study places, Zhi Hua is good enough Library & Da, of course I usually choose to stay in their own faculty the small building, because there are lazy sofa, learning tired sleep. The only thing that's annoying is that some people love to talk loudly in the library. 4 compared to my undergraduate that slot points to break the sky in Hong Kong in the canteen, Buy diploma, buy college diploma,buy university diploma,buy high school diploma.Our company focus on fake high school diploma, fake college diploma university diploma, fake associate degree, fake bachelor degree, fake doctorate degree and so on. eating is a very pleasant thing, send a pair of Maxim's hometown flavor, if not cold opened enough words. The 5 class is full English, program was also is English teaching, even the teacher is 24K pure dave. Although I am also a college English dog, but immersed in the English environment, really have a kind of Chinese to see the feeling of the world feel good. 6 school activities -- my HKU mailbox has more than and 900 unread mail, because I really do not remember every day to go over it again, can give me dozens of letters every day, but also are the kind of morning. In fact, 7 academic pressure is not so great in my imagination, although there are busy when I do not eat rice, but perhaps my psychological expectations are too high? I think that the basic can live handle, it may be because I was learning the crisp? The program = =8. of about 80 people, enrollment is very fierce, half of the continent, a little crooked local, half nuts, compared to other MA projects are almost all mainland people, is very good. What type of foreigners are, and many are actually working for many years, all sorts of strange things all kinds of accents, a lot of people are not speaking English, I let my lovely India English listening level PIU PIU to rise. In addition, I speak Cantonese very bad, but I have been accustomed to the freedom to switch three language environment. 9 on the political atmosphere of Hong Kong, well, there are also their own political correctness, although many times the black level. Of course, I do not want to criticize some, after all, my major is devoted to big news. There was a Billy Fung in the subway station at the door to give us leaflets, but also bowed at least 50 degrees, even if this attitude is really naive point is nothing. 10 I am only here for a year, I am afraid it is difficult to "alma mater" and the connection here, but I have enough to thank her.


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