How much will cost per year study in New Zealand

How much will cost per year study in New Zealand. The New Zealand general undergraduate professional 3 years Honours Degree in 4 years, like a building or other special health care professional will need 4~6 years, all foreign students (of high school graduates and college students) before admission to the undergraduate to read 1 years of preparatory courses. I don't have an honorary degree because I don't think it's necessary. "For (- -) special hope oneself as soon as possible to enter the working state of New Zealand faculty tuition? Exchange rate is about 5.1 or so, compared with other mainstream countries, medium low. New Zealand annual total cost between 150 thousand ~18 million yuan, and the annual tuition probably Buy diploma, buy college diploma,buy university diploma,buy high school diploma.Our company focus on fake high school diploma, fake college diploma university diploma, fake associate degree, fake bachelor degree, fake doctorate degree and so on. between 22 thousand ~2.5 million dollars. You are very cheap right for (- -) faculty of New Zealand University has several international rankings? What is the highest public comprehensive university in New Zealand? There are 8, respectively: Oakland University, Auckland University of Technology, Massey University, The University of Waikato, Victoria University of Wellington, Lincoln University, University of Canterbury, University of Otago. Which is the highest ranked Oakland University international. You are welcome to ask me about all the problems for the Oakland University.How much will cost per year study in New Zealand.


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