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Foreign students buy diploma killed criminals, buy university diploma, Xiao Ji, 20 years old,buy university diploma from Sichuan.
In 2015, he came to the United States to study. Before the incident, he and two China roommate in Michigan, East lansing.
"We live on the two floor. Everybody was asleep." Xiao Ji said that the incident was the eastern United States time on the morning of December 7th, he was suddenly awakened by the sound of the door came downstairs, and heard footsteps upstairs.
Because my roommate in theory, the real door is locked, the less likely to have visitors in the dead of night. So the little Ji very alert to pick up a shotgun around with self-defense, slowly to the two floor of the buy diploma, buy college diploma, stairs, and in a timely manner on the hearth and opened the insurance.
Just go to the stairs, Xiao Ji has found that three foreign men Our company focus on fake high school diploma, fake college diploma university diploma, fake associate degree, fake bachelor degree, fake doctorate degree and so on. don't know is ready to go upstairs. And the man in the middle took out his pistol.
"At that time, I was very calm to judge the situation, in the brain over the local law on self-defense. Shouted Stand down (stop). At the time of the last syllable of the down, there was no hesitation to pull the trigger."
The man fell to the ground, the remaining two people fled the scene quickly.
Xiao Ji roommate then called for help, and call the police calls, a local police arrived and launched an investigation.
After confirmed that the man was killed on the spot.
Although the time has passed more than and 20 days, but the police still failed to get the remaining two illegal invaders. There is no substantive progress in the case of disclosure.
Xiao Ji speculated that the occurrence of the case or with his previous vehicle theft.
In November 11th last year, Xiao Ji found his car stolen. After the police for help, the police told him that the stolen vehicles involved in a traffic accident escape. "Then the police took me to the car. The car hit the mark and lost about $7000 worth of stuff." Xiao Ji said, in addition to the loss of some of the property, he and the police in the car but found something else, "two kg of cannabis."
"My gun instructor qualification certificate was also in the car, was taken away. It has my name address, they are estimated according to this information here want to return cannabis." Some time ago, Xiao Ji to share their experience to know almost, caused a lot of attention of users, some users call it a hero.
January 1st, the reporter conducted a telephone interview with Xiao Ji, he bluntly there is no substantive progress in the current case, for his gun back behavior, he believes that only normal self-defense.
Huaxi Dushi Bao - cover news: do you get out of the gun on the Internet are legally obtained?
Xiao Ji: completely legitimate, the day came to the staff of the 8 departments, they have a very strict investigation of the source of my guns.
West China Metropolis Daily - cover news: when did you start to contact the gun, this thing to you what kind of impact?
Xiao Ji: after coming to the United States began to contact, I now have a certificate issued by the National Rifle Association, I also have the qualifications for family defense guidance. But after the incident did feel scared, buy university diploma,buy high school diploma.this thing of my life has caused some impact, often beginning to the police station to inquire about the progress of my final exam of the impact. On the other hand, after all, dead people, causing some psychological burden on me, is currently undergoing psychological intervention.Foreign students buy diploma killed criminals, buy university diploma


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