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Trump office education system reshuffle the school district room there is significance.
Trump never follow the routine play, was elected president after the appointment of Betsie Davos (Betsy DeVos) as the Minister of education, the education circle in an uproar. The child was born wealthy, educated in private schools, never set foot in the field of education, He Nengnai was appointed Trump?
She is the president of Windquest group, worth hundreds of millions of dollars. But she is not only to make money, she is currently the president of the United States children's Federation, the United States children's Federation is a non-profit organization aimed at improving K-12 education in the United states. The organization hopes to promote the adoption of the system and sustainable public policy, so that parents choose what they think is best for their children's education.
In fact, the day of the nomination of the Trump president, a Democratic Senator Barack Worster pledged to make every effort to prevent. So why is Worster so controversial? What is her educational philosophy?
The core idea of the new ministerial policy
1, breaking the school district, pushing school choice system
In addition to the choice of various types of schools, independent school choice will not be restricted by the school district and address. Parents and students are encouraged to choose their own schools. She advocates that families have the right to send their children to private schools or charter schools to receive education in public schools.
2, the issuance of "education voucher" (Voucher)
Trump also made it clear that the development of government subsidies, will be issued "education voucher". To set up a federal fund of $20 billion to support education vouchers for private schools. Plainly, choose not to public school students attending private school can get government subsidies.
American education system
To understand why the reform of the Minister of education will cause a great disturbance in American society, you first look at the science of basic education system in the United states.
In the United States, K-12 (5-18 years old students) from kindergarten to high school can choose public schools and private schools. In most people, private schools should be better than public schools, in fact, can not be generalized, public universities and private universities have standard to differentiate themselves.
But in general, the best public schools, the so-called school district system, as well as a good private school up to $5-6 a year high tuition fees, is the two biggest obstacle to hinder the good education of American children.
A public school is a school that is financed mainly by the state, the state, and the region, including public schools and charter schools that are assigned by the school district.
According to the school district allocation of public schools to obtain national, state, regional tax three budget funds. These schools are generally ranked by the address of students living. This kind of school is affected by the local tax, property tax accounted for a large part of. School district housing. Students in public schools are more diverse, and most of them come from their own communities.
Private schools include private schools, non-profit independent schools and private schools. The main source of funding for private schools depends on the student's tuition fee and the contributions and funds of alumni parents. Some states provide public funding for private school related expenses, such as transportation. Private school tuition is generally $38000-$60000!
school district housing
Both the state and local governments are heavily dependent on property taxes. In the United States, as long as housing, real estate tax is a lifetime can not escape, the property tax levied by the counties or municipalities, different tax rates around 1% to 2%, most (there are also areas will be higher than 2%), according to the assessed value of the house property tax levy. In other words, the same owner of the property to the location of the state government and local governments at all levels based on the valuation of real estate property tax. The higher the price, the more property taxes.
Is it good for Chinese?
Said so much, Worster's idea in the end is good for Chinese?
1 against equality
Support school choice system, which means support for competition, only the overall quality of the students is better than others, to be able to go to school. The United States and the notorious repute "affirmative system", including the California SCA-5 requirements to race to school admission, is also the comprehensive quality of Chinese children several times higher than other ethnic groups, are likely to be affirmative off.


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