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Homework problem in Australia, buy diploma, buy degree. Before I came to Australia, I always thought that the primary school children had no homework. So, when the kids come home with their first homework, I can't believe it. I still remember the child's first homework, a number of questions and answers, ask you if you are dissatisfied with a person, how would you say? If you like someone, what would you say? What would you do if you wanted to be friends with someone? Wait。
Of course, the Chinese teachers will not be so boring homework. I remember how the child came back to the last question: go over to her and say Hello, give her a sugar and ask, "can I be your friend?" I saw a sniff at, say first to sugar, this is not a bribe? The child said you do not understand, the children here are like this, the other children always give me a sugar or something else to eat, and then asked, "can I play with you? Can I be your friend? "Even a child asked her," can you teach me Chinese?".Buy diploma, buy college diploma,buy university diploma,buy high school diploma. Our company focus on fake high school diploma, fake college diploma university diploma, fake associate degree, fake bachelor degree, fake doctorate degree and so on.
Children have homework at home every week, usually on Tuesday, all the arrangements for next Monday. Among them are all familiar with the Chinese homework, such as a few pages of mathematical problems; mathematical problems...... But the proportion is not large. More is a variety of. For example, write a research report about dolphins. Earlier this year the Commonwealth Games, had a homework is to transfer the map to draw a picture of the queen of the torch, the torch run too many places, daughter busy for several days, check a lot of information, to draw the whole. This week, a homework daughter was on hand for the plane, draw a chart of its own house, energe mark out each room with equipment, the use of energe to calculate home number, make a feasible plan for home energy. These days, my daughter came home from school every day, holding a pen and paper upstairs downstairs rooms around the investigation.
Homework, the Chinese family is very love, but some of their parents and children is not very happy, especially in the newspaper for principals also did not appeal, the effect is because some parents objected, cancel the homework, he think that homework can effectively cultivate children's sense of responsibility. Therefore, even if the opposition, but also to encourage children to complete on time, and so on.
I feel that the emphasis on homework here on time, as long as you pay on time, will be praised. Because you do your duty. As for the quality is good, the teacher is not very demanding. Of course, that will do things carelessly, back to redo. Those who do not have the homework on time of the children, the same day will be punished, may be at noon playtime no, stay in the classroom; may also be the afternoon after school, to stay in the classroom to do homework before you go back up.
Write a lot, are my personal observation. The failure to see or see the wrong place, please add and. This writing is only one purpose, that is the hope that every little things with their parents across the school boy, can smoothly and rapidly into the campus life in australia.
In addition, I would like to emphasize a word, in Victoria, this is Victoria's situation. There are differences between Australia and europe.Homework problem in Australia, buy diploma, buy degree


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