What is the real face in Fraternity/Sorority in America, buy diploma

What is the real face in Fraternity/Sorority in America, buy diploma. What is the real face in Fraternity/Sorority in America, buy diploma. In fact, where the rich American children play together, bubble, keep up appearances and establishing relationships early in life. Each brotherhood will have a set of screening programs and unique mysterious ceremony, let the children feel will also be like a lion to feel a mysterious unwarranted tradition is her inheritance. Each school usually has a number of different brothers, are the national (and even Canada) chain, in the campus have their own houses and dormitories, outsiders are not allowed to enter. Last year, California or which school brother Theta Chi, membership when drink dead three newborn - from this extreme example can be seen inside the atmosphere generally how the brotherhood. With Chinese, the United States is also a social relationship, the brother / sister will (Fraternity/Sorority, the former male, the female) family background, usually in the upper society, members of the brotherhood's family background to you together with them with more, your future development path is more smooth. For example, my old school, frat boys parents background is either a doctor or a lawyer, the local companies, all kinds of politicians and some pretend to be cool, rather baffling rich people, grass root families, few colored families rarely. With a little vulgar words, Buy diploma, buy college diploma,buy university diploma,buy high school diploma.
Our company focus on fake high school diploma, fake college diploma university diploma, fake associate degree, fake bachelor degree, fake doctorate degree and so on. when the brotherhood is to read together. Drink, after graduation can help each other. Because the brotherhood small circle of exclusive and obvious class, many people have to reinvent the wheel edge, such as special PI delta psi (Asian brotherhood of the brotherhood also occurred last year with new members killed in the ceremony in the process of malignant events) black brotherhood, sigma PI phi, lambda theta Phi Hispanic, Muslim Brotherhood gamma gamma Chi student sisters. Most brothers / sisters would require thousands of dollars a year membership fee (for us ordinary people, this really is not a small number), and all kinds of a multitude of names of donations. Brothers / sisters will provide members with a special dormitory, and even a special plan program (meal), which are not affordable for every American student. The first row of the answer, @ said that alpha Chi sigma Su Wen was not orthodox brothers / sisters, but more akin to a professional student honor Organization (honor society, the student will also honor the Greek alphabet, but with professional brother / sister will still not the same, with the orthodox brother / sister will be sent farther). Such professional brothers, members of the background, purpose, membership organization form, there is a relatively large difference with conventional fraternities and sororities are. Unless the school organization has an excellent tradition and enthusiasm, the function of this kind of organization in most cases is usually organized activities, such as inviting a few lectures, we eat dinner, modify the resume, barbecue, a little formalism of the public welfare activities, send a few scholarships every semester, several annual advanced individual selection. Basically, this organization is not the same as ordinary Fraternity/Sorority. What is the real face in Fraternity/Sorority in America, buy diploma. What is the real face in Fraternity/Sorority in America, buy diploma


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