Why British education is better than Chinese? Buy diploma

Why British education is better than Chinese? Buy diploma. Not in the United States, in a British TOP 10, some details of the comparison, and high ticket almost answer. 1, foreign universities represented a strict system (listen to the familiar ah, I study) is our student representative, each month a similar senator, student representatives of various teacher irresponsible criticism at the unreasonable arrangement of red, the teacher facade defense provided in our college teachers is zero tolerance: as long as there are students even anonymous complaints, the teacher to do a review report at the meeting, as long as the students do not understand the reaction, teachers have to one-on-one counseling until understand so far. In the country, I have four years of undergraduate, ah for four years! The teacher is always right, I heard the hospital leaders said a fair: "now I think the students love skipping ah, with the teacher in the class is too boring form also has a relationship." For four years, I've heard such a fair word. The relationship between teachers and students in a foreign country is too harmonious, Friday afternoon class, some students understand the courseware, the classroom directly up and left, the teacher will smile to say hello: have a nice weekend. Can promote the improvement of the system is fundamental. 2, I majored in engineering, the application of language is very shallow, if necessary, look at the corresponding algorithm and the case on the line, so I was abroad for three months to genetic algorithm based on Python C hardware development board based on the Matlab based on the finite element analysis, in fact, difficulty are high, not only the depth of complete the experiment, and deeply triggered my interest in the algorithm of signal. These things on the application programming language is not thorough, the statement can understand their own, cooperate with the teacher to elaborate the courseware and tutorial, will soon be able to use, one more play the more deep, not only that, three months I have learned with the bond graph, Simulink simulation method, these are to be independent application and complete the task, will eventually pay the full English report, can be said to abnormal months of work. This can only be attributed to reasonable teaching arrangements and methods. The mention of the country I have to be ashamed of, C language hanging, but very afraid of the simulation of mechanical learning, to graduate students can accept the simulation thinking is still the object to draw three-dimensional model... Think about the domestic C language is how to teach the professor to crash a courseware, from the history and connotation of the C language (which is one of the most domestic teaching idiot where these things should be to read and write the paper in the form of learning, rather than teaching), to the basic statement, then suddenly is a pointer then, most people are PPT to kneel. 3, hardware, not to mention in the graduation design of ANSYS finite element analysis software, a month before normal, my bad notebook run up death card, have to carry out the computer for a long time to find a plug in the room, or 211, fortunately, no uneasiness over the top pirate otherwise, the graduation design have to kneel. Buy diploma, buy college diploma,buy university diploma,buy high school diploma.Our company focus on fake high school diploma, fake college diploma university diploma, fake associate degree, fake bachelor degree, fake doctorate degree and so on. Now that is a huge change, the library is full of computers with Internet cafes, toilets, restaurants and corridors are full of computers, all equipped with common software and MATLAB, Eclipse and the like. Another high-end room software almost Nothing needed is lacking. many facilities open 24 hours, not to mention hot dead heat. Fees are generally provided free version of the education software installation, no money can also be forced to install pirated pirated ah. In fact, in addition to luxury facilities, more commendable is the humane facilities, such as electronic computer room next to a bookshelf, the pendulum is a variety of software and programming language reference books, in the room when learning these books to help great. This is actually a very small thing. Dear, have you tried the day before deadline in the library of writing homework, write tired to feed the lake dove, night school to drink at the bar to the library quietly through the night to finish the report, in the face of expensive genuine software, speechless...Why British education is better than Chinese? Buy diploma.


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