Failed to apply for American universities, buy diploma, buy degree

Failed to apply for American universities, buy diploma, buy degree. Had a similar experience with you, but I have a minimum guarantee choice, so balance went to the bank. What kind of mood is rejected by Dream School? It's a little bit of five. On the one hand, the suspect is not good enough to own good, they have achieved is not worth mentioning, their own superiority ingrained is actually an illusion? Or this society is unfair, the world is not fair, did not give me the deserved reward, did not recognize my talent? Whether it is doubt yourself, or doubt outside, always confused, not knowing how to be "good", what is "good", what is "successful", how can be recognized, how to be happy... It's hard to avoid being depressed for some time. During that time I was immersed in the World of Warcraft and DOTA every day, enjoy the virtual world to bring my glory and the joy of killing. Although I am not a member of the elite, but I at least some value, some ability in some areas, a lot of people in society on the Lord's head, and really happy (ha ha, a bit of psychological metamorphosis ~) now, I have graduated, in the University for four years, although I ivy is not, but I know that 4 years of hard work and careful let me in many ways not to lose the so-called elite students, I am also in some areas have small achievements, although they are still not worth mentioning, but also gave me optimistic expectations for the future of life. I was very happy when I was young, can experience a failure to make this The imprint is engraved on my heart., I began to understand that life can be directly used to compare things, perhaps these are not important, because in order to get the recognition of others and do things, it will only make us more and more anxious, more and more. The will of others. I finally realized that people who really need to do to feel full and satisfied, meaningful things, then people will praise you from the bottom of my heart, more importantly, when there was no one to praise you, you still can because of the intrinsic value, and feel happy. Turtles, elite, a variety of honorary titles, in fact, they are all in this fast-paced society, convenient for people to meet for the first time, mutual understanding of the business card. As people get along with each other, the meaning of the title is getting smaller and smaller, and ultimately important, but what kind of person you are, what kind of ability you have, you are good at doing what kind of thing. The title is just bluffing, internal filling is to do something useful. Indeed, the value of not be recognized is a very happy thing, everyone needs to praise, this is inevitable, but there is a word called "gold will shine", a failure is not terrible, if you do good, why care about more than a year? The most frightening thing is that some people for the light, to the stone is coated with a layer of yellow paint, against the false gold and completely abandoned the immensely proud, become the gold dream. Be confident with Life is hard, but it can be yourself. happy. Failed to apply for American universities, buy diploma, buy degree.


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