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Buy American Passport, buy university degree. U.S. consular officials have issued travel documents to citizens in thirteen states during the American Revolution (1775 - 1783). During the war of the United States Department of foreign affairs had done so, and in the articles of Confederation during the effective period continues to provide a passport. The passport is a simple page with a description of the holder, valid for three to six months. The design of a French passport was in the French Minister Benjamin Franklin reference he had seen issued a passport.
In July 1789, the Ministry of foreign affairs merged into the federal government. In September of the same year, the Department changed its name to the State Council, which was responsible for handling foreign relations and issuing passports, and was responsible for a number of domestic affairs until the middle of the year of nineteenth Century.
From the beginning of 1789, in the next few decades the passport is not only the State Council can issue, can also be issued by States and cities, and even notaries. Passports issued by an official body outside the State Council are out of order and cause confusion abroad. Some European countries refuse to recognize passports issued by the State Council unless they are endorsed by U.S. consular officials. This led to a 1856 grant to the State Council to issue a passport exclusively
The International Union held a meeting to discuss the issue of passport standardization, but no results. The United Nations has tried to do so. Finally, in 1980, the standardization of passport was completed under the framework of international civil aviation organization.
In 1926, the United States introduced third passports. This is the cover of the passport cover is red crust, there is a small window can display the inside pages of the passport number, it has a total of 32 sheets. From 1941 to the beginning of the passport cover for the green until the two hundred anniversary of the founding of the United States in 1976 to cover the blue.Buy diploma, buy college diploma,buy university diploma,buy high school diploma.Our company focus on fake high school diploma, fake college diploma university diploma, fake associate degree, fake bachelor degree, fake doctorate degree and so on.
In 1981, the United States became the first country to introduce a machine-readable passport
The cover of the March 1994 issue of the passport again in April 1993, including one of Benjamin Franklin's special thanks to commemorate the 200 anniversary of the United States with consular service.
In 2001, the State Council issued a passport to use digital photos.
In 2005, the State Council issued a total of 10123424 passports.
In August 14, 2006, the State Council started issuing biometric passports, which comprises a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip, the chip stores the passport data related to the electronic version of the passport holder (name, date of birth) and digital photo holder. The chip also retains the space to store additional data (such as fingerprints, iris scans).
Chip data can be read by the reader scan, which helps to speed up the process of immigration. However, because the chip can not be inserted into the reader can also be read data, chip data may be illegal to read, which raises concerns about privacy. A chip that is used on a toll road, and the passport chip can be read as close to the reader. This feature makes it possible to read the chip in secret, such as the government's ability to track a person's whereabouts or identify a suspect in a crime.
Although the passport cover has special protection, cover is closed on the reading of data becomes very difficult, and the chip has access control and encryption mechanism, but when the passport open these characteristics will fail, such as when the passport in the hotel, or when a bank is using the Internet cafe.Buy American Passport, buy university degree.


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