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Buy a degree in IELTS, where to buy degree, buy certificate. According to Chinese the voice of "news" reported that the IELTS (course) examination is an English proficiency test (course), the University of Cambridge foreign language examination committee (Curriculum) examination department, the British Council and IDP Education Group Co management, learning, people work or live in the country is set to intend to use English the. As a result of many foreign universities require IELTS, so in recent years, "study abroad (Curriculum) tide" naturally brought IELTS hot.Recently, Beijing, Changsha, Nanjing and other cities IELTS candidates, the results were IELTS official checks, resulting in delayed release. Part of the candidates after the end of the sample, was told directly because of violation of regulations, can not get the results of the exam. This situation has a direct impact on the candidates in 9, October to apply for a study and visa management. So, the candidates in the examination whether there are violations? IELTS unilateral cancellation of candidates is reasonable? Why not explain the IELTS?
Recently, the Nanjing polytechnic students participated in the July 25th IELTS exam. Under normal circumstances, 10 days after you can get ielts. However, after a long time, Xiao Song received an e-mail from the IELTS survey team, said that due to violation of the relevant provisions of the IELTS exam, the results of her exam will never be published". Xiao Song said, according to the official website of IELTS information, when candidates appear cheating, plagiarism, late, personal information provided by the error, etc., will be canceled exam qualifications. He did not violate any rules, do not understand why they will be canceled.Buy diploma, buy college diploma,buy university diploma,buy high school diploma.
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Xiao Song said cheating, plagiarism, late, and so on, he did not do anything illegal. Now IELTS was canceled, they simply can not apply for a school or visa, but also dare not sign up for the next exam, in case the results were canceled or miserable. Xiao Song said he is now ready to go abroad in a year.The first concern and reported the incident, Legal Evening News reporter Zhang Ting said in Beijing, Changsha, Nanjing and many other city, and participate in the examination of the candidates before August 8th which showed scores of "permanent announced" situation. The results of the following examinations, is still in the investigation stage. This situation has a direct impact on the candidates in 9, October to apply for a study and visa management.Zhang Ting believes that if you feel that there is a problem, the whole process of monitoring the exam, denied the results to provide evidence, but this is the official IELTS has not done. Because there is no result, to the candidates who have very serious consequences. Because 9, 10, 11 is the peak of the application results and visas, can not get the IELTS score table, there is no way to apply for school on time, it will apply to the school and even the whole life of the candidates have an impact on.Buy a degree in IELTS, where to buy degree, buy certificate


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