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Buy TOEFL certificate, buy grade sheet, buy diploma. 1988 ~ 1989, the world has a total of more than 560 thousand people participated in the TOEFL test, the world's more than and 170 countries and regions have set up a total of more than 1 thousand and 700 TOEFL test center. So far, the United States and Canada, there are provisions of more than 2 thousand and 300 schools, all foreign students applying to the school to study, must provide T0EFL, GRE, or one of the two standard test GMAT or TSE certificate, only to reach the school required scores of candidates, in order to get admission and apply for scholarship. In addition to the United States, Canada and other countries most higher institutions, Europe (Britain), Oceania (such as Australia, New Zealand) and some Southeast Asian countries and regions have also admitted that the TOEFL examination results. In recent years, the United Nations agencies in China and foreign enterprises and joint ventures in the recruitment of staff, or international fund in the test staff's English proficiency, but also the use of TOEFL test scores.
IBT full name Internet-based Test acronym, that is, TOEFL iBT, which is now the new TOEFL, the biggest difference with the old TOEFL is more than a "network", that is, through the network, and is no longer a paper-based exam. The new TOEFL test is based on the Internet, instead of relying on the computer based TOEFL (CBT). It was first used in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, and Italy, where the TOEFL iBT test began in late 2005 and became popular around the world in 2006. Prior to 2004, TOEFL is used by PBT, which is paper basic test, TOEFL ETS is a huge change examination institution on examination form, in the domestic TOEFL is using computer test, formerly paper text, questions also changed a lot, if you do not have to grasp their English proficiency especially in listening and speaking (IBT points) you can go to the PBT test, the world only the United States still retains PBT.
Universities in the United States more and more on the TOEFL scores in the admission process, especially in 2012, many universities in the United States increased to the international TOEFL admission criteria, TOEFL admission scores increased by about 10 minutes or so, such as the Case Western Reserve University (Top38) from 80 points to 90 points in 2012 2011. Ohio State University from 2011 to 71 points in 2012 to raise the score of 79. This phenomenon is more serious in high schools, ranking Top20 Emory University even suggested that students obtain a TOEFL score of 100 above. Chinese college students go to New York, London, Hongkong university study, TOEFL scores are applied for school accreditation. Buy TOEFL certificate, buy grade sheet, buy diploma.


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