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LES Roches International school of hotel management switzerland

LES Roches International school of hotel management switzerland
Les Roches International Hotel Management Institute (Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, referred to as les Roches) was founded in 1954, currently more than 1300 students. The school uses English teaching, rigorous scholarship and standardized management. It is recognized by the Swiss state government as a regular school of hotel management. It has the qualification of independently awarded the Bachelor of Business Administration (hotel and tourism management related professional) recognized by Europe and the United States.
Les Roches has three campuses, which are located in Laizhou, Switzerland w Bruce (Bluche), Spain's Mar Bela (Marbella) and Chinese Shanghai. Among them, the Swiss tile Laizhou Blues (Bluche) of the two seasons and mild and humid, and quiet environment without pollution. The quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the school provides the students with a special study environment, and the teaching and living conditions of the college are also the best in the same kind of school. The students' dormitories are all star rated hotels.
Les Roches in 1985 won the "European outstanding school award" (Diplome De L'excellence Europeenne), and the authority of the U.S. school assessment agencies -- the new England Association of colleges and schools (New England Associationof Schools & Colleges) comprehensive credit certification. The association was confirmed in Les Roches credits to universities in the United States between huzhuan. In 2007, les Roches Swiss Luzana Hotel, together with the world's top three schools in the ranks of the The Best Hotel.


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