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Buy fake Canada visa, buy university diploma,buy degree

Buy fake Canada visa, buy university diploma,buy degree
1 Chinese citizens with any kind of passport entry or transit Canada are required to apply for a visa (except Hongkong SAR passport holders). As with Chinese Transit Plan (China Transit Program), Chinese citizens directly through Canada designated airport visa free, but the plan is very strict, please refer to the website of the Department of immigration and citizenship and.
2 Canada visa application centre accepts all types of temporary resident visa applications (including work permit, visa) and permanent residents to apply for travel documents. Visa Center website covers the visa application process and other related information and other important content, please submit an application before the applicant carefully.
3 all immigration applications need to go directly to the Canadian Embassy / consulate.
4 visa application fees are paid in RMB cash. Whether or not a visa, visa application fees are not refundable.
Note: all documents in the visa application materials must be accompanied by English or French translations.
(a) to visit relatives and friends
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1 fill in the application form for temporary resident visa (IMM5257). Each applicant and each accompanying child shall complete and sign their respective application forms. Accompanying children aged 18 years and above shall fill in and sign their respective application forms. Application form under 18 years of age signed by their parents or guardians.
2 the applicant and each accompanying family member aged over 18 years of age shall complete the "family information form" (IMM 5645).
3 if applicable, the applicant and each accompanying family member aged over 18 years of age shall complete the details of education and employment form in English or chinese.
4 the applicant and each accompanying family member shall submit two copies of the same color or black and white photographs taken in the last six months, with a background of pure white or light color. The photo frame size is 35 mm X 45 mm. The name and date of birth (day / month / year) in the back of each photograph.
5 valid passport for the applicant and each accompanying family member. Each passport must contain at least one blank page on the last page, and the passport must be valid for at least six months prior to travel.
6 photocopy of applicant's Chinese identity card (positive and negative).
7 two copies of adhesive stickers (no envelope) with the applicant's current address in chinese.
8 if the visa application by others, the need to fill in the "agent information table" (IMM 5476E).
Applicants under the age of 9.18 are required to have their parent's consent, which is not accompanied by the parent / parent, to include the date of the applicant's travel and the information of the parents.
10 such as the job, use on company letterhead from the employer signed letter from the original, and including the following information: the applicant's name, position, income, date of hire, with Chinese employer's name, address, telephone and fax.
11 such as retirement, there is a need to prove the applicant's retirement pension certificate.
12 If the applicant and the students in school during non holiday travel, need a confirmation issued by the school and agreed to the absence in reading and good performance, the original letter.
13 proof of funds. Display the last few months to record the original bank documents (such as certificates of deposit, passbook, etc.), in China, the proof of assets (such as the original real estate license, vehicle registration certificate, etc.).Buy fake Canada visa, buy university diploma,buy degree


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