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Columbia university diploma, buy American university diploma. A discussion on the creation of a tertiary institution in New York began in 1704. However, until it is located across the Hudson River in New Jersey after the establishment of Princeton University, to create a new school in New York City, the idea got seriously. In 1746, a decree to raise money for the new college was approved by the New York provincial assembly. In 1751, the New York Provincial Council formed a church of England including seven members of the Council of ten, the role of the committee is set up on the new school guidance, the establishment of the necessary funds from the issuing state lottery to raise funds April. School in July 1754 officially commenced, the first president Samuel Johnson as doctor of theology. Dr. Johnson was also the only teacher of the first eight students in the college. Teaching in the new school next to the 31 church on Broadway Boulevard in Manhattan. Subsequently, the New York state's first established institutions of higher education, the United States within the fifth universities, according to the king George II, the "royal charter" to the name of the king's college was established in October 31, 1754. For the king's college, the outbreak of the American Revolution in 1776 was a disaster. The teaching activity of the school from 1776 began to enter buy university diploma,buy high school diploma. New York Continental Army has been suspended for eight years, including the New York by the British military occupation of the whole period, until the British evacuated from New York formally in 1783. The school library was looted, the only building is the Continental Army, after being requisitioned for British military hospital. After the school was revolutionary occupation, was forced to leave the Royal supporters of King's College school.
A formerly known as the king's college will henceforth be known as the Columbia institute". In 1787, the board of directors of the school finally realized the defects of the school charter, they set up in February 1787 by John Jay and Our company focus on fake high school diploma, fake college diploma university diploma, fake associate degree, fake bachelor degree, fake doctorate degree and so on. Alexander Hamilton, the constitution amendment committee. In the same year in April, the school officially adopted a new charter to give the power of twenty-four school directors, and has been used so far.From its inception, a large number of overseas renowned master of academic leaders and celebrities who teach or study in college, not only created a number of education academic schools, also won a number of national education first, the accumulation of academic and profound culture for college development. One of the most famous philosopher of pragmatism including Dewey, Thorndike, founder of pioneer animal psychology educational psychology experiment system and connectionism psychology, education historian Meng Lu, the progressive movement pioneer Kilpatrick, educational ecology founder Laurence Cremin, art educator Arthur Doug, educational philosopher Maxine Green, comparative education leader, Condel Bailey Di, Noah and Eckstein, anthropologist Margaret Meade, humanistic psychologists, Maslow Rodgers and Roger May Albert Ellis, a clinical psychologist, famous education scholars, psychologists Li Huamei and so on. During the joining of Teachers College Columbia University until his retirement in 1930 in Dewey in 1904, he together with a group of educational history, comparative educators and educational psychologists, casts the golden age of Teachers College Columbia University, the most famous book "democracy and education" is also completed in this period, and the creation of the famous pragmatism education philosophy system. The history of Columbia University Teachers College, or the history of American education the first born, it is the cradle of nursing education, the first will be integrated into science teacher education and social care education activities to promote the psychology and society, the world's first set of comparative education curriculum and create Association for international and Comparative Education, the creation of the first a department of curriculum and instruction, etc..
In 1896, the school board decided to use the "Columbia University" as the new name of the school. At the same time, President Seth Lo once again moved to the campus, this time the campus from the 49 street to the present address: a broader, located in the rapid development of the edge of the campus. In the Luo's successor Nicholas Murray Butler more than and 40 years of work, Columbia University quickly became the important research institutions in the United States, set up a model of "comprehensive university" for the university. Because the first nuclear reactor built, and therefore start to bring Manhattan plan, by the Columbia University teacher John Ray Dunning, Isidor Isaac Rabi, on Enrico Fermi and Polly Karp atom, carried out in 1940s when the Department of physics of Columbia University in the world spotlight. Columbia university diploma, buy American university diploma.



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