Grouse, refers to some university or college diploma, buy diploma

Grouse, refers to some university or college diploma, certificate issued casually to the students, and the certificate or diploma was not part of the employer or the general university admission. Such institutions are also known as "diploma mills" (DiplomaMill). Although it is a legitimate body, but not by the state of the community, the use of enterprises recognized by the school, the main indicator is to spend money to buy a diploma, and buy a diploma is not recognized by employers. Chinese students studying abroad in the process, the most direct identification of foreign grouse actually only need two:
(a) the establishment of the University, the establishment of more than 70 years of university usually do not have any problems.
(two) formal American universities are educational institutions approved by federal or state. September 24, 2013, "international talent blue book" pointed out that foreign grouse has become a big hidden Chinese overseas. Blue book said, with the China number abroad rose year by year, the number of returnees also grew greatly.
What are the characteristics of grouse. Buy diploma, buy college diploma,buy university diploma,buy high school diploma.
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First, did not get a national certification body certification. Some universities claim that certification is actually derived from a false certification body, and some claim to be recognized by UNESCO and other well-known institutions, but in fact these institutions do not have the certification function.
Two, no teaching facilities. Do you usually use a post office or e-mail address as a contact address, or a unit number for a building.
Three, do not need to visit the school or face to face with the school staff to obtain a diploma. Can be corrected by way of mail or accumulated credits.
Four, and teachers have little or no communication. Even if the homework correction, it will not affect the final diploma.
Five, to take the famous similar to the school, in order to achieve the purpose to deceive.
Six, can be registered after a few days, weeks or months to get a diploma.
No, some seven school staff; even if there is their diploma from the school or other "pheasant university". They tend to show off their degree of independence from their courses.
Eight, work experience can be deducted credits.
Nine, to each degree for the unit charges, rather than a semester or course for the charging unit.
Ten, encourage potential students as soon as possible to avoid registration, tuition rose. Or to provide scholarships or grants to encourage students to register more than one degree.
Imitate regular university. Buy diploma, buy college diploma,buy university diploma,buy high school diploma.
Our company focus on fake high school diploma, fake college diploma university diploma, fake associate degree, fake bachelor degree, fake doctorate degree and so on.
Grouse in the name of "tricks", they often deliberately take a similar formal university name, to confuse the public.
Fake colleges and universities often have their own official website, but most have been unable to log in. Can login website with the university website seemingly no two different, but they may find the careful comparison is tricky, such as Guangdong electronic information technology institute website www.gddz.org "cooperation of colleges" column of news content copied from Zhongshan University, "school" column serious plagiarism Shanghai Technical Institute of Electronics and Information 2009 introduction. From the domain name, the domain name suffix the official website of the country's higher education institutions are ".Edu.cn", but the false university website is by business and financial enterprises that ".Com" or "OIP" or ".Cn". Moreover, he did not like a regular university like a regular university has a special department, personnel to manage this site, the site is often not updated content.
How to identify the grouse
First: look at school time. Grouse school time is short, some one or two years, some 35 years, and no traditional culture. Usually the establishment of more than 70 years of American college education quality is higher, more reliable. Conversely only grouse will survive in a very short time to put up the shutters or renaming of the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked.
Second: look at teaching facilities and teaching site. General university has classrooms, administrative buildings, library, computer room, playground, and grouse hardware equipped with extremely limited, some simply in the business building housing, some pictures on the library is very small, only one thousand books to the computer room, only one or two, to see that this is a "paste" out of the.
Third: "pheasant university professional is very narrow, basically on the market what started hot, what professional.
Fourth: teacher resources rely on foreign aid. By understanding the information, it is not difficult to find some teachers and students in a small proportion of schools, and some even only 1:40. School teacher is the main source of public school teachers "zouxue". When faced with such a school, students must think twice before.
Fifth: Intermediary propaganda very commercial, even the use of "a" means of marketing. The consultant is often used to say, "this school is good; it can be moved; it is easy to read.".
Sixth: enrollment standard "erratic". Post school requirements clearly very high, but the average students barely 60, IELTS score is less than 5, the intermediary has her mouth said no problem, certainly can.
Seventh: in order to earn tuition, grouse didn't consider learning background and the specific circumstances of the students, but for many malicious courses. After the students have been enrolled in the language curriculum, certificate courses, diploma courses, academic courses, paid a high tuition fees, was scheduled to enter the formal curriculum. Remind students that when you find to go to school, both language courses and undergraduate courses and undergraduate courses, will stay in mind. Generally speaking, formal university only undergraduate and master's courses.
What are the Chinese grouse? The 118 grouse complete list


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