The fake unievrsity in China mian land, buy fake college diploma

The fake unievrsity in China mian land, buy fake college diploma. Recently, around the 2015 college entrance examination scores have been released, college enrollment season approaching. Southern weekend by the education information service platform "university network exclusive authorized the release of" the fourth batch of China false university warning list "(hereinafter referred to as" the fourth batch of warning list), and 118 university to expose "eleven verification, confirmed on the list were not in the Ministry of Education recently released" 2015 the national higher school list ", also not in the list of private schools approved by local education authorities in the.
This means that the Beijing urban construction university, Shanghai International Management University, Hubei industrial and Commercial University and other 25 provinces in the distribution of the 118 universities, do not have the qualifications of ordinary higher education enrollment in 2015.
Previously, the southern weekend had 210 false university tracking reports (see May 21, 2015 "China < 210 grouse complete list of full disclosure > follow-up: the Ministry of education website is not found, no recognition of qualifications"). On the university network, the fourth batch of warning list released after the exposure of the distribution around the false university has more than 300.
First, the pheasant university anchored offshore servers
These fake universities also have a name: pheasant university.
As with the 210 diploma previously revealed, forged, mosaic "name" and "school official website" is the two camouflage means these false university. 118 "University" of the latest exposure of formal university "names" imitate fabricated, imitation "badge", formal plagiarism and theft regular college school profile, campus news, campus activities etc. disguised as their own "school website, not self record in the Ministry or theft2 website record information of other entities the unit, for students or parents query.
Among them, there are 3 fake universities in the history of the name of the former name of the school changed; about 1 counterfeit Guangxi in 1980 there have been private schools of the same name. For example, one of the pheasant university, Beijing Medical University, from the school profile to the news picture of Peking University Health Science Center (formerly Beijing Medical University). Earlier in April 3, 2000, Beijing Medical University and Peking University formally merged to form a new Peking University. In May 4, 2000, Beijing Medical University officially changed its name to Peking University Health Science Center. The fake unievrsity in China mian land, buy fake college diploma.


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